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Efco are internationally renowned for manufacturing a diverse range of garden machinery for professional and home users who are looking for something which is reliable and built with the operator in mind.

Efco Intensive Chainsaws Devon

Efco Tough-Tech Intensive use chainsaws

High torque, low weight chainsaws providing excellent power at low RPM. Perfect for all types of agricultural work, lopping, collecting and cutting up firewood as well as felling and cutting up medium to large trees. Some of the models in this range have automatic compensators on the carburettors to keep the fuel/air mix at a constant ratio all of the time. This keeps the engine power high during operation of the chainsaw with no drop in efficiency. These features ensure that the efficiency is kept high at all times.

For first-time, every-time starting, the Tough-Tech range of chinsaws feature the decompressor, a primer and semi-auto choke. A single piece handle and grip section is separate from the engine to give top notch manoeuvrability. The tool free opening of the filter cover the fact that the nylon filter itself is self-cleaning makes maintenance hassle free. The Tough-Tech chainsaw also includes a side mounted chain-tensioner to keep the saw at peak efficiency.


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For any more information on any of our Chainsaws please get in touch.

We are able to Service, Repair and Supply a range of Chainsaws throughout Devon so please do not hesitat to contact us.


efco chainsaws Devon
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Devon efco chainsaws
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Devon chainsaws
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Devon Intensive Chainsaws
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efco chainsaws Devon
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