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Efco Brushcutters Devon
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Efco are internationally renowned for manufacturing a diverse range of garden machinery for professional and home users who are looking for something which is reliable and built with the operator in mind.
Efco Professional Brushcutters Devon

Efco Professional Brushcutters

The high quality steel drive shaft and two-ring piston guarantee the durability and long term reliability of the machines, as does the paper air filter. By the lift-starter system, automatic shut off and bevelled cylinder head ensures ease of operation. The self-lubricating bushings in the transmission means a vast reduction in vibration making it more comfortable to operate, especially for long period, as do the new ergonomic handle.

The new handlebar support and means that the operator can easily use the brushcutter while stood upright wih less muscular strain in the limbs or back.


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Brushcutters Devon  
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