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Efco Brushcutters Devon
Efco Brushcutters Devon
Brushcutters Devon

Efco are internationally renowned for manufacturing a diverse range of garden machinery for professional and home users who are looking for something which is reliable and built with the operator in mind.

For cutting back the brush without having to worry about obstacles either big or small an Efco Brushcutter is an essential bit of kit. Whether you are working in a garden, ditches, or working through the undergrowth Efco have made the tool for you to cut the way you want to cut.

From light-weight electric brushcutters up to powerful four stroke machine for heavy duty jobs, you can do everything from trimming borders to general tidying. Whether you are working in your garden or across a large estate Efco brushcutters have all of the features you need to get the job done. The high technical specifications mean that every model excels at what it is built for. The specially designed engines are a trademark of Efco brushcutters, giving consistently high torque at any RPM.

Also the self-lubricating brushings and ergonomically designed handles for maximum comfort are among the features which make these machines top of their class.

Efco pay attention to the details, resulting in the use of an oversized clutch, steel drive shaft and twin-ring piston making every one of these machines safe, dependable and durable in the harshest conditions, available to work throughout the year without trouble.
Efco Brushcutters Devon

Agricultural Centre are not only suppliers of Efco garden machinery but we offer parts and servicing as well. In addition to this we have years of experience in the world of agricultural and horticultural machinery and tools. So we can advise you in choosing the right brushcutter for the job and getting the best from it throughout its working life.

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We are able to Service, Repair and Supply a range of Brushcutters throughout Devon so please do not hesitat to contact us.

Efco brushcutters Devon


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