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Efco Hedgetrimmers Devon
Efco hedgetrimmers Devon
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Efco are internationally renowned for manufacturing a diverse range of garden machinery for professional and home users who are looking for something which is reliable and built with the operator in mind.

Hedgetrimmers from Efco strike the ideal balance between power, reliable use over time and the quality of the cut they make. Built around high-performance two-stroke engines and fitted with only the top quality in cutting blades, you can be sure that Efco's hedgetrimmers give nothing but a straight, clean cut. This makes them indispensable for getting a perfect finish after cutting back, leaving you with attractive and healthy plants.

The top cutting edge on the high quality blades, mean that Efco hedgetrimmers always give you a sharp and accurate cut without damaging the foliage. The fact that the guard is transparent means that you can cut with unparralleled accuracy and safety.

The petrol models feature professional grade aluminium casing for gears and drive linkage, ensuring low noise and vibration, longer operating life and improved durability. They also feature a digital coil and limiter to give easy starting in all conditions and at all temperatures. The professional quality two-ring piston for top performance throughout the lifetime of the machine.

On a number of the petrol models the handle swivels through a full 180° to give easy handling and simplified trimming even at complicated angles.

The no-tool filter cover means that these hedgetrimmers can be easily maintained.A four springs vibration dampening system guarantees the comfort of the user.

Devon efco hedgetrimmers

Agricultural Centre are not only suppliers of Efco garden machinery but we offer parts and servicing as well. In addition to this we have years of experience in the world of agricultural and horticultural machinery and tools. So we can advise you in choosing the right hedgetrimmer for the job and getting the best from it throughout its working life.

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We are able to Service, Repair and Supply a range of Brushcutters throughout Devon so please do not hesitat to contact us.

Efco hedgetrimmers Devon


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