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Efco are internationally renowned for manufacturing a diverse range of garden machinery for professional and home users who are looking for something which is reliable and built with the operator in mind.

Efco professional hedgetrimmers

For the professional, these high quality hedgetrimmer have twin-edged steel blades, guaranteeing the very best results, even when used on thick and toughe hedges. The five-position adjustable blade makes these hedgetrimmers perfect for operating in any situation.

The gear case is made of professional grade aluminium and the attention to detail in construction to guarantee a long life, consistently low noise and vibration. The Efco “Primer” and “Lift Starter” systems built into the petrol engines ensure they start first time, even when cold. Coupled with the ignition advance for reliable starting this also gives low fuel consumption.
By adding a digital coil with integral electronic rpm limiter Efco have built a machine which produces constant mechanical output at every engine speed.

Efco Professional Hedgetrimmers Devon

The double-edged blade models feature a swivelling handle, adjustable through a full 180° which can be locked in any one of five intermediate positions. This isn't just for convenience and comfort, but improves safety of operation in a huge range of positions, even when working close to walls.


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Hedgetrimmers Devon  
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