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Efco are internationally renowned for manufacturing a diverse range of garden machinery for professional and home users who are looking for something which is reliable and built with the operator in mind.

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Efco Pole pruners

For easy lopping and trimming of overhead branches, cutting out the need for scaffolding, ladders or access platforms, or when work is being carried out on ground which is uneven or other wise unsuitable for ladders.

With a telescoping pole, giving you a full 3.12 metres maximum reach – with no need for tools to adjust the length. The PTX 2500 can make cuts up to five metres above ground even among the highest of branches. For even easier use, the blade can be adjusted through five different positions, intermediate over a ninety degree angle. There is no other pruner with this level of performance on the market in the UK. The aluminium engine shroud gives these pole pruners excellent strength and a professional type oiler means that there is a constant renewal of lubrication across both the bar and chain, giving long life and reliability.

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